About Us

The Vision

Growing Community by Sewing, Teaching and Creating

The Mission

We nurture the Sewing Community by providing a place to learn, a place to share creative ideas and a place to find quality sewing materials and tools.

Ionkwanikonhriiosne Creative Sewing Centre (ICSC) is located within the Peace Tree Trade Mall on Cornwall Island.

Ionkwanikonhriiosne is a Mohawk name that translates to English as place of good ideals. Using a Mohawk name is vital to the heart of our business.

About Sheree

cornwall quilt shop sheree bonaparteSheree Bonaparte, a member of the Mohawk Nation of Akwesasne has established a creative sewing centre within the Territory of the Mohawks of Akwesasne (MOA).

With her love for creating beautiful quilts, and traditional Mohawk clothing, Sheree found that local quilters and seamstresses had to travel long distances to find products they wanted. In addition to this gap, Sheree also recognized a local opportunity to teach sewing skills to eager millennials.

Sheree has created artistic quilts since 2001. Some of her work has been selected for display in National and local museums in Canada and United States for their uniquely cultural designs.

The Ionkwanikonhriiosne Creative Sewing Center offers classes and products for baby boomers and millennials to hone their sewing skills to express their individualism and feel a moving sense of accomplishment.