Light of the Game home quilt

Ionkwanikonhriiosne: place of good ideals

We nurture the Sewing Community by providing a place to learn, a place to share creative ideas and a place to find quality sewing materials and tools.

The Ionkwanikonhriiosne Creative Sewing Center offers ideas, quality fabrics, materials, information, classes and equipment to beginners and experienced seamstresses and dedicated quilters to create beautiful expressive traditional native clothing, contemporary sewing projects and a variety of quilts. Self-expression in traditional clothing is a coveted trait and served well by the ability to sew. The act of creating a quality quilt builds self-confidence, appreciation and strengthens a sense of community through classes and communication among quilters and instructors.

Interested in creative sewing with a large selection of quality fabrics and notions?

Our pleasing spacious atmosphere inspires ideas for projects and the materials needed to complete them. We stock quality fabrics from Trend-Tex Fabrics.

Quilting classes for all levels. Sewing classes for traditional Mohawk clothes for customers of all ages to create their own clothes. Small classes on a regular schedule using fabric and notions from our shop — offering quilting and traditional sewing. Other types of sewing classes may be offered such as cloth bags and window dressings.

Autumn Blaze home quilt

ICSClogo 222

Peace Tree Mall

167 International Road, Unit #7
Akwesasne ON K6H 0G5

Expect to pay a bridge toll until we can get SIBC to move the toll booth to the south of Cornwall Island Road

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